Success is a matter of willpower

Success is a matter of will power and whatever you are prepared to trade for it . I personally comes from a background where im literally afraid of my parents . My father is a very caring  dad but with no nonsense altitude and that kind of giving  me  a structure and will power to succeed .

We can find our willpower in different kind of way but it require a different approach . one thing im sure about is that all successful people has to trade something to gain something else .

I personally think if people give away most of their liabilities for good health and education , they will thrive and succeed . Another thing is to be aware what constitute liabilities or assets . for different people is a different thing . for me right now is not to having a mortgage or going on a several holidays .

Dont get me wrong here, because i dont deny myself of what is valuable to me or my basic needs for survival like good house to live in , quality food and good sleep . of course my wine . All this come as a result of will power and willing to get ahead in life .

I can only share what works for me and the philosophy that make it work . You can start transforming yourself by adopting new way of doing things and get into mindset of a winner .

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