The impact of lifestyle and food

Food has a lot of impact in our life . It determines our mood how we feel and how we react to situations. most importantly how we cope with stress. whenever people consult  me  for fitness, they dont believe when i started talking about food .

As far as i know good nutrition is the fundamental of soul , food that you eat has a lot of impact on your behaviour, altitude and vision of life if you dont eat well, you wont live well its as simple as that .

Ive experienced a lot of mood swinging when eating diary or dried pineapples , pancake , cereal . I was totally in a mess my concentration was bluffing . in fact i couldnt think properly .

Eating good food is like a cash flow . im sure your financial adviser will never tells you that . if you eat bad food , its goes down as a debt and your body will go down in value . If you consume good food, it goes down as good value and you will be free or cope with a good stress .

Our body needs good hormones to function , hormones like estrogen and testosterone must be produced naturally by good quality foods. my bottom line is that food is connected to everything we do . so if you eat well, you will earn well .

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