Tips to increase sex hormones

Well i dont believe that im writing this blog. you know sex is like money , powerful and sensitive subject we cant live without every time i start to talked about sex or money , people react as if they dont want to be part of it . I like sex a lots even though i dont promote my body as a sex object but i realised that sex, poo and adrenalin make our life wonderful .

We all need good sex hormones to function on a high level and thats why im giving you this few tips that will make your life happier .

Get a good night rest – that means sleep as nature intended . make your bedroom very dark, cold , Get 8 to 9 hrs of sleep in total. and also for the huge of melatonin production , a powerful hormones that will keep you cancer free .

Eating at the right time – This is a huge challenge for western world . i didnt realise how powerful this is until recently my focus start to diminished . well im very sensitive about what is going on with me so i decided to find out . couples of researches and lots of books which eventually leads me to eating at the right time .

Get Mobile – Mobility is king . we are all tight because of the nature of work . i normally say that we live in a sitting culture . everything must be flexible for better sexual energy . – hips, glutes, upper back if you take care of this you will be awesome .

Heavy weight – Lift heavy , this is my favourite if you are over 30 and you want to enjoy good sex life you need to be married to strength training . your doctors dont even get this . Its also possible to stimulate testosterone with heavy lifting and its better to do strength training in the morning than at night .

Go ahead and apply this few tips come back and tell me how you feel.

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