How to deal with craving when facing real life

The biggest misery of evolution is bad food . im sure you agree with me if not you wont be reading this blog . once you evaluate all this, you will know what to do when the craving attack .

This situation happen to me very often for example i was surrounded by a lots of easter chocolate and cookies . i dont really crave sugar  but its very tempting especially with kids . you can eat the sugar stuff if you want but dont form a habit out of it .

Im going to give you few tips of dealing with craving .

Identifying your weakness – for example i tend to forgot to drink more water which leads to craving , so i make it a duty of having water with me all the time .

Having better alternative in places and understanding food timing – this is very critical because the biggest reason for food carving is a result of insulin spike and low sugar level . when this happen to me i packed Almonds, walnuts, seeds and fruits to eliminate craving .

No matter how stress you are, having real food in places make life easier . Your job will be less tiring and you will perform better and make more money . The road to prosperity is god health put yourself first and every other thing will follow .

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