You should always train

Yes you should , no matter what anyone tells you . A friend of mine survive cancer few years back just because he wont give up training and the docs said it was a miracle and he said , yes and a will power which i got from training .

The last thing you dont want to find time for is training .  For example if you are over 35 because thats the vulnerable year , weight bearing 3 times weekly will help make a better decision and give you more wisdom by the time you get to 40 yrs of age .

Here are the benefits to consider 30 mins of intensive training , design by a skilful trainer will promote proper glycogen absorption into the body that will help cope with stress.  Now you see my point training should be part of your financial budget .

Training helps you grow beyond whatever obstacles and challenging of  life you are facing . You know efficient body is like a machine that works very smoothly .

I know when facing real challenge of life , the last thing youve been told to do is training , and if you dont then you will be hook on some kind of a stimulant . so train and throw the pills in the toilet . All the successful that i know always find the time and do whatever it takes to turn for training .

Finally training makes your hormones works better and you cannot go against your hormones . More over you will be the last one standing when every member of your family are falling apart . because they will .

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