The diet conspiracy

We are all individual and not the same . this is the first rule of food for anyone wanting to change their relationship with food . We have different bio chemistry, blood type and physiology . not all caps fits all and im sure the food industry will do anything to keep you away from their brainwashing .

As a kid i was brought up with a complex cabs like yam, sweet potatoes , white rice , corns and cassava no sweet stuff at all . Then come the introduction of civilisation in our village , we started to eat chewing gum , coca cola which does a lot of damages to my teeth .

Some of the food dont just agree with my blood especially sugar . Now you see what im talking about , do your self and family a favour by getting a blood test and eat according to your blood type . This will saves you lots of money and trip to the doctors .

Once you know all this fact about your blood , then you can structure your training program around that . This will bring vitality into your life . You will have more energy , vibrant , positive and happy .

Applying all these nutritional rules has change my life , i see things more clearly , feel good all the time and a lot happier – If you also take heart and discipline – it works .

One of the best resources comes from Weston Price – nutrition and physical degeneration . If you are interested in knowing more about how food affects our well- being .

If you have any questions please feel free to e mail me .

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