Tips for personal and business growth – Habits

I can relate this blog looking back 6yrs , it all seems like yesterday but for me in a good way . It can be a long battle , i mean serious one especially in a society where everything surrounds you is against growth . I realise that if im not growing personally then i cant grow my business .

The first questions is ask yourself – Do you grow personally ? and how do you grow as a pros . Are you learning every day ? One of the  primary reason people get sacked from a company is because the initial skill has been out dated . That means the company has outgrown their skill so they looking for outsider  with a current new skill .

Another question is what is your vision ? are you one of those men and women who spent 2hrs in the gym daily . That is an evidence of low self esteem which should be adressed in a different way .

Are you doing everything you can to promote your company / business or personal growth or you just getting the pay cheque which is not bad , but be aware that one day you will be replaced .

Are you helping others to understand the growth ? Are you becoming what you are ? or what someone else wants you to be . And finally are you fit to live ? and another thing , are you building relationship with people or just what you are going to get from them

Well this habits are not easy , but once you master them the way i have even though im still work in progress , if  i invite you for a glass of wine you will find me very pleasant .

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  1. Hey, Victoria this is, in my opinion your best blog so far!


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