How to honestly have a lean body – sustainable fitness

A sustainable lean body is going to serve as a rock for your life . you can call it a process to a life extension , probably a body that will allow you to have sex even at the age of 75 – not kidding .

Based on my current research, we ve been programmed and conditioned to push our life and body to catabolic all the time , then we start to feel pain and reaching out for doctors and placed us on medication. If you look around you , neighbours , family , friends , someone is always on sorts of medication .

Basically we are creating a disaster future for our kids . You dont need to have a high income to have a lean body, you just need a different mindset . Nutrition habits is the most important . i had to attacked my nutrition in a different way . i kept on experimenting and ive never felt this better in my whole life

I switched to the food that agrees with my blood , which is the best way to start . All the talks about insulin, cholesterol , will not work without proper function of the liver . your liver must be detoxify and fed with a bio- energetic food .

Here are the few example of bio- energetic food to apply . Green tea, green drinks , whey isolate protein, garlic, which helps the  heart and circulation .

Sustainable fitness / lean body also comes from self acceptance , which is the foundation of self esteem .Once you choose to value who you are , treat yourself with respect by nourishing your body with better food . you will definitely see the result .

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