How to transform your body .

Well im going to start with a few tips on how i get my shit together . All these years ive been communicating the art of getting better , i realised what i really meant is body transformation. And also i cannot solve other peoples problems without solving mine first .

Body transformation is basically replacing bad habits with a good one for example, one of my wealth category goals / habits is to save, earn, and invest . This habits might not be easy in a western world because everything surrounds you is to take your money away from you . If you master the habits of saving , you will be able to master the other habits you might want to change .

Another way to look at transformation is to know what you really want to change .the reason why i started with money is because everybody want to have some kind of financial security . And you need to want to transform your body in the area that really matters to you . Here are some of the examples of my transformation in past 6 months .

For me to serve you well, i formed an habits of waking up first thing in the morning to write, read on a subject like nutrition, training or learning to design a better program . I decided not to train a client around this time so that i can improve myself to improve others . in order words i replace improving my skill instead of money .

Your habits might be a different one , you might want to replace sugar and start with stevia, a glass of red wine , instead of two. read a book on growth instead of fiction .

More tips on good habits , check e mail in the midday , know your blood and remove what doent work for your blood type . im an advocate on this because blood doesnt lie . Go to bed between 10 pm and 11pm . This will straight your life up .

At 5pm i usually end my day by writing what im grateful for , what ive achieved , and what opportunity did i see . Most importantly who have i helped . All these habits replacement makes me more aware and improve my productivity .

Please let me know how i can help on your way to transforming your body and life .

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