How to shrink inner thigh fats

Im going to share with you few practical tips that reduce inner thigh fats . I want you to be aware that most fats deposition around the hips and thigh accumulate due to sleep deprive and physiological loads . which means your stress level, when you eat and when you sleep .

These are the 3 major things to be focus on , then the fats will melt away without so much time wasting . This is what i had to do to shrink the fats in my legs and butts considering my african ancestry . Thou the type of exercise also contributes to lean legs , the most important is the nutrition and my sleeping habits .

It takes discipline to go to bed at the same time every evening . And it also about avoiding all those sugary food which usually cause hormones imbalance and result is fats around the thigh .

Another thing is food timing – break fast in the morning is soo good im sure we are all aware of that , Lunch break between 11 and 2 pm is the foundation of total well being and beautiful legs . if you are in a job that will not allow you to take break around this time, i strongly advice you make a deal with your boss or find another job .

Im going to leave you with my favourites exercise that target inner thigh fats in order .

Side step squat 8x each side , Barbell reverse lunges 8x each side . and Sumo Dead lift  . These can be find on my you tube channel .

These tips really works and if apply you will start to see the result pretty soon .

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