Women and chin up

This blog post makes me laugh . every time women or men complain to me about their waist line , how they can flatten belly and i suggest chin up , its like im asking for a moon . well , here we are chin up is the best exercise for flat stomach .

Fat loss occurs proportionally over the entire body . You cant lose fat from one area just by working it excessively , so dont waist your time on crunches rather than learning how to perform a chin up .  I personally consider chin up to be one of the most valuable exercise  and sadly enough i dont see so many women trying to do this gold exercise .

Chin up not only works the abdominal like hell , but free your back from cracking up especially if you have a desk job . It also improve postures and appearance , next time you see a woman standing tall , looking hot , i can bet thats the work of chin up .

Chin up is also one of the safest upper back exercise , because the movement will works your natural biomechanics , not against them . This is an important point , because due to dangerous exercises back training causes more injuries than any other type of training .

We all want to have an an amazing back, shoulder, and abdominal . and this one exercise will give you those benefits . And for the guys , another huge benefits is your biceps will be in a good shape .

Last word – if there is one exercise you have to learn for the future , then go for chin up .

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