Check your insulin at the door

Im sure we ve all heard about insulin and the the role of this powerful hormones in our body . in this blog im going to share with you some things you should know regarding this master hormones . Insulin can be good or bad . like many other things in life , moderation is the key

Too much insulin is what make us fat . When blood insulin are high, and you are constantly under stress , the cell fats store not only on the excess glucose , but also the fat you ate at your last meal .so high insulin signal the fat cells to hold on to the fat and not release it for energy .

Too much exercise , like running over a long period will produce catabolic hormones which could lead to high insulin resistance as well .

High insulin levels over a long period of time also hamper hormone synthesis causing levels of testosterone to decline as we age . even an expensive anti – ageing hormones cannot override this problems

Since i found out about these master hormones , i work to check it at the door, what i mean by that is to avoid any thing processed, you know some crappy biscuits and late night meal . The more often we snack at night, the stronger our body craving to snack night after night .

Please try not to eat dinner after 7. 30 pm and if you are working late in the office , get your dinner by this time and this will allow your insulin level to decline by 10 pm .

If we eat dinner by 7.30 pm , our glycogen storage will be full by 10 pm which allows high hormonal synthesis and an anabolic , life regenerative hormones .  As you can see, its all about hormones and no amount of exercise in the world will help you if you dont master this master hormones .

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