Few tips for losing belly flat – my formulas

They are so many books  articles , blog written over abdominal facts . i read a lot , do a lot of research on this stuff. I ve also experiment with a lot of supplements , foods and adjusting my life style . Im my view flatten belly comes from your life style .

Hormones imbalance – in the past few months , i realised that hormones is the major problems  of fat disposition around the belly. The tips im going to share with you today comes from the results my clients have gotten from my formulas .

Seriously for belly fat to disappear , you have to master your hormones. i can tell people life style by looking at their waist line . sleeping  partern and food habits .Environment also contribute to fat disposition around the belly .

The first rules of flatten your belly is never eat late at night , you need to adjust your lifestyle to the point that this will happen . Find a way to do this even if it is going to cost you other things . its all about habits and discipline .

The second tips is cultivate the habits of drinking water to nourish your kidney and your liver . the more these two organs work, the better your poo , which result in flatten your belly .

So now let me give you exercise that really work on the core . that means the ones that will strengthening your abdominal for ever .

Pike to push ups x10 , squat thrust x15 , knee tucks x15 , and jumping lunges / 5 each leg . Rest for 2 min after the circuit and repeat once more .

I hope you will be able to apply this tips and let me know about your progress . The more you work on these the better you become and the videos to the exercise above can be view on my you tube channel .

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