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How to survive age of vulnerability

Im aware that most people dont know that we become vulnerably as we aged , well i wasnt aware until recently when i started looking more into improving my nutrition and well being . I found out that between age … Continue reading

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Good muscles and bad muscles

In my opinion and observations , there are several ways to build good or lean muscles . well its not as simple as that right . Good muscles satisfy the ego and bad muscles always want more . never satisfied … Continue reading

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Few tips that transformed attitude

Im a big fan of attitude . even though i have to keep on working on mine . i believe our attitude also shapes our character . before we can evolved as a human being or a better person , … Continue reading

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Bad exercise pattern increase ageing

We all want to improve our quality of life through exercising as most research suggested . you will be amaze that bad habits of exercising will actually speed up ageing . Most of these problems normally occur from the ego … Continue reading

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How to become remarkable /life and work

In todays blog i thought i should share this idea of being remarkable that ive been practising for the past few months because it works like crazy . In my opinion, being remarkable means you dont need to build massive … Continue reading

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