Few tips that transformed attitude

Im a big fan of attitude . even though i have to keep on working on mine . i believe our attitude also shapes our character . before we can evolved as a human being or a better person , we need refinement of attitude.

I was brought up in a very discipline home , that kind of shape the way i think about life . Apart from that, all other aspect has to be worked on . so im going to give you some of the principles ive been applying to my attitude and it works .

Realising that everything comes from me – what i meant by this is the fact that its whatever i give that im going to get back . It took me a while for this to sink in but adding more to my skills and solving more problems has enable me to do more for people and also get more back i know this sound very simple, but if you apply this tips , your perception of life will be different

Be significant – The story of being significant does not occur to me until about few months ago , when a young receptionist was telling me that she was just doing what she is being paid for and her goal in life was to have her own business . What she doesnt realised is the fact that she is going to apply the same bad attitude to her own business .

Our attitude  towards everything we do has a major impact in our life . Throughout the years , i have spoken and observed how people obtain wealth . it is not only thinking, reading , that transfer us from poverty to wealth . its a switch of altitude . You can think all you want , have all the certificate in the world but without changing your attitude    nothing works .

Our attitude  is the major pillar and it has no fixed formula , but through self cultivation you will produce the fruit that will transform your attitude in every aspect of life . Im working on it .

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