Good muscles and bad muscles

In my opinion and observations , there are several ways to build good or lean muscles . well its not as simple as that right . Good muscles satisfy the ego and bad muscles always want more . never satisfied . so now im going to explain in a depth what i meant by good and bad muscles .

Building a good muscles is like farming but these days people wants fast muscles , which is build  by  drinking pathetic protein powder , hours of training in the gym and mirror driven fitness which eventually leads to kyphosis , a upper body syndrome .

When people come to me for fitness consultation or advice on how to take their training to another level, the first thing i usually noticed  is bad posture, stiffness in the upper back and tightness in the lower back even thou they ve been training for year . Thats what i called bad muscles

Im not going to go down into too much science , the purpose of this blog it to educate you on how to make your muscles work for you . Base on my extended research and experimenting on myself and clients i realised the important of good muscles .

Im more of a practical person than theory analysis . To build good muscles, you must first eliminate all the limitations i mentioned earlier from your back, hips, and weak abdominal .

Heathy organs – Its impossible to have a lean body without healthy organs . ive  been working on this for myself for a while . I love to drink wine without food , but i switched to drinking wine with food and my liver works a lot better .

Good muscles require discipline , especially in a western culture where they have less discipline and more ego . Actually good ego will be good muscles . The take away here is its possible to have a good muscles / hot body , only through the process of eliminating all those limitations and focus on eating very clean .

I havent met anyone with a good body without a good eating habits .and if you want to get back in shape the best place to start will be to hire a good coach/trainer with skill and knowledge of identification of all the limitations i mentioned earlier . You can also contact me on my website and i cam help further .

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