How to survive age of vulnerability

Im aware that most people dont know that we become vulnerably as we aged , well i wasnt aware until recently when i started looking more into improving my nutrition and well being . I found out that between age 35 to 45 is a decade of vulnerability , for some individual it maybe from 40 to 50 yrs .

Bone loss usually begins at this time , especially after physical exercise . hormones level in men and women begin to fluctuate , causing men to lose their drives , and mensural irregularities in women .

Some women even break very often around this time , they become         more vulnerable to their emotions and find it hard to concentrate . ive experienced a lot of things and i was able to deal with it with some tips im going to share with you .

Its critical at this age to exercise intensively between 30 to 40 mins 4 times weekly . Actually this is a must , if you want to look beautiful and fabulous around this age . Apart from looking great, its about a life well lived .

This is also an age where you need to understand your value . im aware lots of people spend more money on their car, motorbike , than their health/body . This is insane , this kind of people towards the end of their life will be force to spend the money on medical bills .

Mobility , flexibility exercise should be part of your daily things at this age . i tend to do this for 10mins in the morning . No excuses you can easily create the habits . You need to be very careful around this time as well not to fall victim of some therapist or physician because you have money to spend .

Sleep for at least 8 hours . Re arrange your life so that this can happen on a regular basis . Even if you dont get  8 hrs of sleep, at least 7hrs but make sure you are nor deprived .  Smile a lots and say nice things to people too will enhance and promote good facial attraction .

All these tips really works because ive experienced it and it makes future more interesting .

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