Exhaustion or getting better

These days it seems like getting better with training or any key ares of life seems to be very complicated . Getting better with training appear to be challenging in the ages technology . For example , a guy asked me the other day how to performed an inverted row , and i said its an advance exercise that needs to be done correctly .

Basically most folks are too tight in their upper back, and have a weak abdominal which make inverted row a very technical exercise other wise you will be performing this by exhausting yourself instead of getting better . You cannot google this type of exercise, you need to be coached

Training is not about being exhausted or killing yourself.   in my opinion , you should be better , stronger and be more productive in life because if you are not productive you wont be happy . They are so many lousy advice out there regarding training ,

The bad advice literally cripple us, from the injuries sufferer to the fitness magazine that tells you to blast fat in 7 days . All this stuff exhaust you and your mental effort .

Getting better is not a quick fix . nobody get overweight suddenly so you cannot also get better suddenly . Thats my opinion about training its based on 4 key part, which are Neurological , physical, mental and energetic strength  When all these four are working together , you can develop and get better .

You cannot go against your physiology . stop looking for quick fix and make a plan to get better .

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