My Top 5 Realisations

I guess as the year goes by we start to realise so many things in life especially when you embark on a journey of growth . Looking back into 8 years , i never really knew that i have to develop myself or growth . All i knew was study , work hard , and go to church and pray which is not a bad  thing .

So 5 years on i can say i have started my journey of growth and development which has to do with a lot of changes . im going to share with you few tips i have realised on the way .

Skill – This is huge . Actually accumulation of skill gives you a kind of confidence and also a new perspective to different problems . I also realised that the more skill we have , the more problems we solved . and guess what, solving problems make me smarter .

Value – I also realised that you need to understand value to create value, its like you need to feel well before making other people well . You only know the value of that thing you own after finding out what other people are preparing to pay you for it .

On getting better – I also realised that the stronger / better i become the more i see my weaknesses and others . In my niche , fitness industry   an average gym goers are not really interested in getting better rather feeling good . which also in my opinion makes some trainer in effective .

My nutrition – Well ive always thought that im healthy at least to a certain degree . Being an african , ive experienced lots of low bottom in my life due to european / american life style . It has not being an easy journey with my nutrition because a lot of them has been complicated with the europeans method of eating .  I had to go back to the basic, cure my digestive system , eliminate sugar, diary, wheat, and gluten .

Buying time –  This  might  sound a little bit crazy but its the universal truth . Ive never consider time to be a problems . I constantly reminding my clients that i get paid for my skill / knowledge not the time . I now realised that i have to keep on upgrading my skill to buy myself time and freedom .

Mastering detachement – I also realised that i need to master detachment in order to proceed in life . That nothing i possess will possess me . My job as a coach is to educate my clients not to become their friends . Becoming friends will make me less effective , coaching first then friends later .

Im thinking this realisation will help you as it has help me . Get better

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