Money and vulnerability

The subject of money is a very sensitive one . Have you ever been in a place where people dont want to talk about money , meanwhile they spend their  whole life looking for money . In my opinion , money is not a problem it is your character and altitude with the money that is the problem .

According to robert allen in his book multiple streams of income, he said money is nothing but it reveals who we are .  I just found out recently that our money can make us happy , depending on how we spend it . im going to share few tips with you from a book called Happy Money by Elizabeth dunn and Michael Norton couple with my own personal experience with money

Please be aware that im not advocating how to make money , im only sharing an idea how  that smarter money spending will make you happy .

Buying an experiences – Most of the happiest people on the planet tend to spend money on experience rather than things , stuff, . Even if you buy things, a lot of evidence suggest that you might be less likely to regret buying if you view it as an experience purchase . One of the reason is because experiences stay with you forever .

For material good , me and some people i know biggest regret was buying something that we wish we had’nt .

Buy Time – This is a very valuable one . actually i consider it very important tip . I realised that the only way i could buy time is to invest in my skill, to work faster , high productivity and efficiency . For example i decide to learn how to play polo , so i have to figure out a way to make my skill counts so that i can have time to play .

A research also suggest that wealthier individuals tend to spend more of their time on activities associated with relatively high level  of tension and stress such as shopping, working, and commuting .

Buying time isnt always easy , but you will be more in a pleasant mood while exercising , praying, reading, or having sex.  I can relate to this because all these activities promote happiness , good mood and vitality and the next time you want to spend money , take a break think deeply your motive of spending the money .

Invest in others –  We are all coming from a different background . I was brought up on giving so its kind of an easy principle for me to adopt . We can all learn how to give back regardless what our background is . Giving will make you happy , it doesnt matter what . it could be time , money , book, etc.

People who usually give time away feel like they have a lot of time while people who give money away tend to fell wealthy . These are simple tips, but it will make a lot of different in your life .

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