The evil in sugar and how to avoid sugar

Sugar is very  addictive , i understand and i have been a victim of sugar . sugar has caused so much problems in my body especially my teeth . i remember a dentist said to me in america years ago when i was a student that if i dont stay away from sugar, all my teeth will be removed before i get to certain age .

We always think we need sugar but we dont . I havent had sugar in 9 years except for the sugar in red wines and fruits . I think sugar does more damages to women in particular than men . The reason is that it affects women sexual organs and it also reduces the beauty of women

Sugar also weakens and upset a woman delicate endocrine balance more than it does in a man . Not able to give up sugar is a bio chemical disease and hormones imbalance , it has nothing to do with lack of will probably thats the same reason for smokers

Sugar can also pollutes the mind in term of decision making , cause skin rashes, skin problems, and liver congestion . Its amazing  what you get when you stay away from sugar , your thought would be very clear and productive

Tips for stopping sugar –  One of the best is to control your insulin level with food timing . eat breakfast of protein and nuts , fruits in the morning . snacks all the time on raw nuts and water which will keep your sugar level / hormones in control .

Lunch should always be between 11am and 2 pm . This is the key, pls never go against this . Carbohydrate should be eaten in the afternoon but if you cant, and you are eaten at dinner, switch to low carbs like brown rice, sweet potatoes, quinoa, wild rice, yams, but never pasta or sugary food .

Although there are so many other foods that you can eat to balance your insulin but this tips will set you on the right path and heal your body . So nutrition first , then we talk about exercise .

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