Deadlift cures everything

On this blog im going to share with you an exercise that seems to cure all the disease in the world . seriously im not kidding . anyway thats my opinion . The deadlift is the main exercise according to great fitness expert like paul check, and Igor sukhotsky  who performed military oriented strength research .

The more i learnt about how to improve performance , productivity in every aspects of life, the more i realised that performing this gold exercise  will  make life journey easier .

It improves neurological strength /function –  Strength is a neurological function , thats where dealifts comes into play . It enables the two major nervous system in our body to function properly . Our nervous system controls  everything in our body .

We have the periphal nervous system  – PNS , and the central nervous system CNS . The CNS is your brain and spinal cord . This consist of all the nerves that branch out from the nervous spinal cord to the rest of the body . This also send motor signal out to the body muscles, organs, tissues , and feedback to the spinal cord and brain .

Now you have it .  It also reveals all the weaknesses in your body so that you can fix it . I once read a theory that if everyday  you         thoroughly exercised your back muscles , you would keep your figure, your health , and your strength into advanced old age .

Sometimes i say to my clients that this exercise should be refer to as a future /health bank account . It would benefits your long term overall health . And this is what i meant when i say deadlift cures everything .

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  1. The Deadlift is The King of all exercises!


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