Why men and women decline with age – the issue with growth hormones in adults

Personally im beginning to see this as a problems . We dont grow much anymore when we become adults except wider . Its either we grow bigger around the waist, neck, and upper back or weary, thinner , and fragile . All this is caused by bones calcium deficiency .

The bodies of adult have to work harder and harder just to keep up standing in the same place .Im glad that i found strength/ weight training in the early part of my life , its amazing how some doctors dont prescribed strength training to adults .

Most of the repair of the growth hormones take place in bones , our bones is our live body . The more you strenghtening your bones, the more you reclaim the youth energy and appearance .  You can run , walk , swim, but you need to be aware that all this activities are depending on your bones strength .

Our bones are filled with blood vessels, with little fluid – filled canals , with all sort of cells types that are actively growing and dividing . new bones is constantly formed according to Robert Sapolsky in his book why zebra dont get ulcers .

When bones mass decrease we are at greater risk of osteoporosis – disease of the bones . Thats why we have to always feeding our bones by lifting things up . If we dont do this, we decline . Thats the truth.

To strengthening the bones or promotes growth hormones i will suggest applying exercises like Hips extension , front squat , and dead lift into your routine . This will serves your bones for a long advance age .


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