Few things women should know about starting fitness program

Think long term – I can relate very  well to this base on my experience with  people when it comes to starting a fitness program . The fitness industry has trained people to think short term . Ive said this many time and it bears repeating , a program might be 8 weeks plan but it last for the rest of your life . I want you to change your thinking .

Challenge your ego – We all have ego but healthy one is the best . nobody give a shit who you are or what you are regarding fitness. Everyone personal make up is different . Your reason for wanting to lose weight are different from someone else . You have a different needs , emotions, and life circumstances . You are not only going to change what you eat , but you are going to change the rest of your life .

Reconstruction of the past – You need to view fitness like removing error of the past and creating a new one , thats why i usually start with a body transformation program when people comes to see me .

Training mindset – Developing a good training mindset and not a conventional one will serve as a pillar for your success . You are going to hit a road block , a set back from life but with a good mind set ,you will thrive . Its about creating the habits and if you keep picking your self up , dusting your self up, and recommitting yourself to your success.this will lead you to a more effective , self empowered you .

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  1. One of your best posts, no doubt, Victoria!


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