Why i write about other stuff

Generally when a clients comes to me they expected me to be talking about fitness and other fitness issue . Most of the time, it took by suprise when i started to talk about non- fitness related stuff .

Fitness leads to other stuff , and other stuff leads to fitness . Life has to do with movement and movement has to do with life . They like good couples that need each other to survive .  Another issue is the fact that people dont want to hear about their life , in my experience people think once you kill them in the gym , everything will be alright .

Your life stlyle, choices habits and decision making is the reason people become fats and overweight . Basically life is the reason we become unhealthy . Your body is like a tree where everything has to branch out and i want you to start thinking of your body as you car to success .

Maybe you want to lose weight to be more attractive or you are a man and want to build solid muscle , achieving this will give confidence – confidence that will help you tackle the business issue / life issue and conquer whatever fear you face in your life in general .


In still learning about nutrition thats all i can say , this year i focus more on nutrition and the result is amazing . Ive talked about nutrition many times and i will continue to lay it out . Nutrition is the major weakness in peoples life . It has taken me a long time to arrive to this point and changing the way you eat is like a sign of respect to yourself

Many people quit along the line , dont be one of them , you are reading this blog because you want to change your life, food is not expensive , its other stuff you spend your money on that is killing your life .

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