How to build self esteem and healthy hormones

This two things are both related and i dont care what your doctor say about this, because this is the real weight . Ive been coaching men and women all over the world both online and offline for the past 3 years and its all boiling than to hormones and self esteem .

Healthy hormones provide self esteem for the body and food plays an important role in hormone balance . Im going to share with you few tips that will help in building your esteem .

Master self discipline – Like all virtues or practises that support self esteem , self discipline is a survival virtue , personally its like taking a shower everyday . you have to always working on it . Self discipline is the ability to organise our behaviour over time in the service of specific task .

All this will happen if our hormones are balance and working in harmony . Self esteem also comes with practising of a good habits and to change an habits is not an easy task because you need to know where to look . Some people are not ready for this , and they will never be until a major tragedy occurs in their life .

Have a vision board – Another thing that will increase your esteem / confidence is to practise having a vision board . This means you will see your target about your goals for your life , have a vision helps structure your life .

Invest in your skill – Long time ago, i learnt that to get more, you have to become more . This will improve your confidence because you have more skill and knowledge to add values to other peoples lives .

You see all this comes together and this has really help me with my confidence and ability to overcome obstacles and challenging life throws in my way .  These few principle if learnt will transform your life .

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