My daily habits

I come up with this blog because someone asked me how did i managed to become so efficient, im a work in progress, but ive learned in my life that we are the products of our habits . Long time ago , i read a book from darren hardy – publisher of success magazine, in that book there is a phrase called elephant dont bite . Its little things in life that bites us .

Get 7 -8 hrs of sleep and get up early – Going to bed early and waking up early has been part of my ritual for a very long time . I can see that this is very challenging for westerners but the habits can be learnt , even if you have kids .  You can get a lot done early in the morning . I usually get up at 5.30 am , do some streching, meditate for 10 mins , and brainwash ideas .

Work on yourself –  This is very challenging because people always want to run away from themselves . This is also means learning new skills, communications skills, listening skills, altitude of success and many more . The more you can handle problems , the happier you become

Practise gratitude – Get a note book that you will write daily what you are grateful for . Ive been practising this habits for the past 2 years . by the end of the day , i write what im grateful for, what ive achieved , opportunity that i see ,and what i will do the next day .

Read at least an hour a day – Thou i read more than that because i like to read , its like a hobby . Im not talking about fictions, a book on growth , on your interest , that will challenge you to take action .

Save money , invest and give – This habits is very essential for life , i personally think it brings happiness .

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