On faith, self belief , and courage

Whao, every time i talked about these three things that shaped our life , its like i put a knife to cut peoples heart . I grew up in a family of independence and self reliant . My parents are just normal parents , but my father has a lot of courage and wisdom. . The reason i mentioned all this is the fact that i can relate the issue of faith and courage in peoples life .

I have never met anyone who succeed in doing anything without these three things . so im going to share with you how to implement self belief and courage into your life .

Self belief – means having confidence in your own ability even if no one does . You see, this has happened to me all my life . most of the time people dont believe in me but i believe myself . even your loved ones which doesnt means they dont care .

I stared my fitness business as a act of faith and courage even thou i was offered a very good job . One thing about me is , i never wanted to take a job anyway because i realised that i will not be giving permission to take a risk which will be damaging to my courage .

When you start out on you own , and take responsibility if either you failed or succeed , then something magical will happen to you and that is courage .

I was in a seminar few months ago and one of the speaker was giving a testimony of how he started his business by selling his car , and some other stuff to make his business succeed . The point here is , he belief in himself and that is all that matters .

Life is a challenge , act with courage and you will always get to the other side of the mountain .

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