The facts about luck

Luck is a words many people used very often , people always thinking if they get lucky then things will change . My views and opinions about luck is what im going to share on this blog .

I view and belief that the notions of luck and its role in success stuck in curiosity and evolve in thinking . When you are curious , you get lucky or luck appears .  I also believe that luck is is a return of constant effort , for example 7 – 8 years ago when i started training people, i worked from 9 am to 9 pm for 2 years without holiday .

Of course its hard and challenging but the return of luck eventually came back . For luck to happen , you ve got to be the kind of a person who always putting things in a place to prepare for bad luck so that you ill survive and eventually get good luck again .

Ive been really lucky , that is true but i dont always get lucky . in fact ive had more disaster than luck but life is about return on lucks moment and persistent journey .

Luck is an investment , its like planting a seed and prepare with a lot of discipline for the time when the luck will emerge . So for you get lucky , you must first unlucky .

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