The big 5 of my training philosophy

There are several trainings method out there , but we are all individual and believe that not one size cap fits all . I want to share five bigs things ive learned over the years from a very good coaches and developed my personal training phlosophy that has helped thousand of men and women to get in shape of their life .

Nervous system – This is one of the key areas when clients come to me . majority of the population nervous system has been wrecked by poor nutrition and enviromental issue .  Our nervous system is the ability to use your own body to generate focus efficiently and effectively as possible . so i start working with people in this direction .

Movement – I used hundreds of movement with my clients at any given day and the clients eventually progress from one movement to another simple movement but ultra important , for example movement that progress from plank to  push up, side plank, pillar bridge, sand bag pull through to renegade row .

Strength – Then i move to resistance training , combination of hybird exercises . Using an exercise like inverted row-  80percent of clients are deconditioned shape or form . Most of the time peoples body dont understand movement because of bad training experience or other physiollogical issue .

Eat Clean – Its not that simple , right ? Most clients are coming from negative mindset , about their body and life . Nutrition philosophy is one of the major thing i addressed . My idea is to help people to take care of themselves with good nutrition .

Speed fat lot system / growth mindset –  people are always in a hurry when it comes to training . they have a poor mindset that everything can happen overnight . I developed a energy system  workout right after resistance training that will leave people burning fat throughout the day .

With this philosophy , ive helped lots of women and men to get leean , dropping a dress size in 8 weeks and remove them from tread mill slavery . If you want to be one of them , contact on get started .



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