Diet is a life cycle

Any food that you used to eat and cannot be eaten anymore is what im referring to as a diet cycle. – If you ve been figuring out what to eat for a long time , its all boil down to life cycle . like getting old , death, and reborn .  So as you get older , i mean every year our physiology  change , so is our appetite .

Nutrition has everything to do with our life . It took me a while to see the impact of food with our brain and mind .  Wrong food can automa impair brain function – in science its called psychochemical type .  Few years ago eaten a lot of salad all day is ok for me to function but right now i couldnt try to do that .

Our food with the level of nutrient are supposed to support the highest level of operation of the nervous system . Wrong type of food is always damaging to the brain and body no matter how we looked at it .

Here are five thing s that im learning to work on recently and its working because ive lost 4 kg of bodyweight , shrink my waist and have more energy .

Focus, Awareness, consistency , creativity , and result .  I coached my clients to always think in term of benefits and what will happen later not instant need of the body . We all slips sometimes , and when you do , get back on track .

Once cannot just take a day off sound nutrition , whether or not ones like it , the heart beats on and the liver , kidney , nervous system keep functioning and their requirements simply cant be postponed .

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