Benefits of developing the habits of self mastery

Self mastery is self honesty . we ve been brainwashed to forget about who we are but to become someone else . I wished some one has taught me self mastery earlier in my life , apart from people manipulating me to become someone else .  It does not even occur to me that teaching other people require self mastery . – What a open eyes , im still learning

You become warm hearted- self mastery allows you to become more warm hearted which is a huge benefits to people around you , it suppress the ego, and keeps you grateful . One of the causes of human suffering is ego related according to the neuroscience . . We get frustrated when we can get what we want , and disappointed when what we like ends .

Getting on your own sides – This means you know who you are , you can accept challenges and progress in life . Dont kid yourself in trying to become someone else , you belittle yourself and end up not developing in those area you would have excelled naturally .

It takes time to become what we really are . dont take a job because it pays well, see if you can learn and realised some potential . we are all different and a master in a unique way . For example im good at showing people exercises, motivating , creating  exercises program  and solving problems . what are you good at . look for that and all the best .

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