How to eat during the holiday period

Holiday period is a season where people tend to slip into bad eating habits , especially with all those poisonous things around you. For me personally , i get up early work , i also enjoy cooking and sharing food with the loved ones . I love very good wine and enjoy well delicious meal with family . No guilt .

In my profesional opinion, eating a huge dinner does NOT have to make you fat . But making all the usual food and exercises mistakes in the 4 or 5 days period that surround the holiday will make you fat .

Never feel guilty about food – pls dont label your food as bad . If you want to enjoy huge cake with your family, just do it and stop the craving because not eating is what makes your nervous system bad , and moreover eating a slice of cake is not going to make you fat immediately .

A word about sugar — W e all know that sugar has a psychological and physiollogical  effects on the body . It causes mare damaging to our body that any other thing in this life . Its simply the root of all evil . Im not going to advise staying away from sugar , im aware that not everyone has the mental strength to stay away . Personally  i dont eat sugar and im awesome .

What to do if you had sugar is to go back to japanese style to calms the hormones from sugar . Have a serving of fruit and dessert to kill the craving . You should always pay attention to your craving and never , ever, feel bad about food .

Happy holidays

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