How sleeping enhance confidence and productivity

Life is all about emotions right? when you sleep well, your brain neuro-  transmissions are in good shape so is your mind . Ive experienced a lot of high and lows with my sleeping pattern , lately i realised that while i sleep everything falls into the right place .

Sleeping more has actually make me more compassion and becoming a better person . Ive made a lot of mistakes before arriving to this point few years back i was training clients very early and stay till late , even thou i made more money , but my mental ability was declining

Sleeping enhance strong feelings –  strong feelings makes you do good  things for people . Remember that last time you had enough sleep , you will smile to almost everyone on the street .

Sleeping helps with virtue , which involves regulating your actions , words , and thought to create benefits rather than harm for yourself and others .

Sleeping also enhance serotonin  which you normally find in anti – depressant drugs . which promote happy hormones to the body .

Sleeping also help with parasympathetic nervous system – Parasympathetic activation is the normal resting state of your body, brain, and mind . , this helps you think clearly and avoid bad actions that would harm you or others

Now you can see how sleeps will make you a better person . and apart from that you will be richer and successful . Everyone  is different , the key is to find a sleeping ritual that works for you . My recommendation will be very dark cold room , no electricity and go to bed by 10 or 11pm .

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