Top 10 Things I Learned in 2013

Here are the things I learned in 2013 when it comes to training, womanhood, business and relationships.

  1. ON TRAINING – We are all individuals and not equal; and strength occurs before performance, then fat loss happens. To think otherwise is stupid.

Movement and mobility must be part of any training program, you cannot overload or progress on a bad movement pattern, lots of men and women have very bad posture and reinforcing that will be insane.

Training is about performance. Human movement, and by extension the body positions with those movements.

Trainers must work hard to spot and recognise a client’s weakness; you cannot make basic adaptation errors. Basic adaptation errors include no warmup, sleep deprivation, poor nutrition, prolonged sitting, chronic inflammation and stress.

  1. WOMAN HOOD -Well for me this really stood out, I think women and virtue works together. women need to be taken care of, to flourish and bring virtue to support the family.
  2. ON BUSINESS – The key in my business is providing value and solving bigger problems. Becoming a problems solver means you need to add to your knowledge and skills.

Business success depends on few factors which make my business a success; focus, integrity, consistency, value and results. You cannot lose focus.

  1. ON RELATIONSHIPS – The sense of beauty of a woman comes from within. When a woman is comfortable within herself, she provides comfort for her home / partner and kids.

Good sex keeps two people together, this stood out for me. Don’t be careless about that.

Everything is financially related – discuss money and move on.

  1. BOOKS – Here are the books that have impacted my thinking forward:

Let me know which ones stood out for you.

Happy new year!

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