Top 10 things i learned in 2013

Here are the things i learned in 2013 when it comes to training , womanhood, business and relationships .


We are all individual not equal , and strength occur before performance then fat loss happen . To think other wise is really stupid .

Movement and mobility must be part of any training program , You cannot overload or progress a bad movement pattern , lots of men and women have a very bad posture and reinforcing that will be insane .

Training is about performance , human movement and by extension the body positions with those movements .

Trainers must work hard to spot and  recognise clients weakness – You cannot make basic adaptation errors . Basic adaptation errors include No warm up, sleep deprivation , poor nutrition , prolonged sitting , chronic inflammation and stress .

WOMAN HOOD -Well for me this really stood out , i think women and virtue works together . women needs to be taken care of , to flourish and bring virtue to support the family .


The key in my business is providing value and solving bigger problems . becoming a problems solver means you need to add to your knowledge and skill .

Business success depends on few factors which make my business a success . – Focus, integrity, consistency , value and result . You cannot lose focus .


The sense of beauty of a woman comes from within . when a woman is comfortable within herself, she provides comfort for her home / partner and kids .

Good sex keeps two people together, this stood out for me . dont be careless about that .

Everything is financially related  – discuss money and move on

BOOKS – Here are the books that have impacted my thinking forward .

Thick face , Black heart – by Chin – Ning Chu

The alchemist – pauolo coello

The icarus deception – Seth godin

NO B S time management – Dan kennedy

Manual for living – Epictetus

The war of art – steve pressfield

Becoming a supple leopard – Dr kelly starrett

Why Zebra dont get ulcers – oliver sacks

The big leap – Gay hendricks

The fear of live – Alexander lowen

Let me know which ones stood out for you .

Happy new year

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Meet Victoria who has helped hundreds of women & men to shift fat from their abs, hips and butts!
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