Understanding the hormones and the benefits of resistance training

Our body is consist of hormones and nervous system , understanding how resistance balance our hormones is classic . A recent study at cambridge lately identity that resistance training is as good as anti – depressant .

Im going to share different types of hormones and its benefits .

Estrogen – Its a feel good hormones and now available by a prescription from the doctors . Women usually have this problems as they getting older , the good news is resistance training  cure this .

Progesteron – This is the brain valium . you can balance this hormones by eating fish , oysters, and berries

Cortisol-  The stress hormones in the brain

Oxytocin – Which made us wants bonds, love, and connect with others and dopamine which stimulate the brain pleasure centers

Dopamine is the biggest fattest neurological reward you can get outside an orgasm .  And when all these hormones are in harmony , you experience a stronger nervous system that keep you away from disease .

Although we all fall sick now and then , but recover quicker with a strong nervous system which boost productivity .

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