5 strategies to cure sugar habits

I didnt see sugar as a big problems until recently when i was asked about how i stopped to eat sugar . Personally we all have a big why in our life . mine was my teeth , A visit to  the  dentist stopped me finally from eating sugar and that was 7 years ago .

And again based on my current research , sugar addict has to do with bio- chemical disorder in the body . It has nothing to do with personal will power or lack of discipline . . A lot of people will love to stop eating sugar but dont know how, then it become a struggle .

So before you begin another expensive cocktail detoxyfication supplement , i want you to consider this few strategies .

Sleep – Getting 7-9 hrs of sleep depending on your daily activities will stop craving sugar not only sugar but general food craving .

Water – Always carry water with you , because sometimes you are not hungry but thirst or dehydration . Sometimes when i dont drink enough, my sugar level drops .

Green drinks – This is a great Bio energetic drink that will support your immone system all day

Eat hormones friendly food such as fish oils, sunflower or pumpkin seeds , almonds and walnuts that are rich in essential fatty acids which help balance hormones .  Please dont leave home without this

Deep belly breathing – Ive been studying science of brain lately and breathing is connecting to the way we react when facing stressful situation. Instead of reaching for that biscuits, practise deep belly breathing .

This tips are not theory, ive been through them and it could keep me away from sugar for 8 years , it will definitely help you .

Good luck

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