How to take risks

Naturally im a risk taker , i get a lot of rush going to unknown and i dont do well with routines. Im a kind of a person that if there is no action, i invent one . Ive also observed a lot of very successful people, they are all risk taker .

Life is an adventure ., and we all yearn to push ourselves to the limits  of   our potential . Nothing else will help us grow faster , both personally and professionally than risk taking . its the difference that make the difference . For me writing this blog is a risk .

I observed that most of us cant handle big risks right away , we need to build up to them and thats what i called muscle risk . It has to be strengthening , its like working out in the gym . Do you remember the first time you learnt how to ride a bicycle . You fell down many times and rise again . Risks muscles is like that .

To handle risks, you must also believe in your vision and be unmoved by the criticism of others , because they will attack you so be prepared . I personally, im immnuned to criticism . I would try something and failed than to sit around and wonder what would have happened .

Building your risk muscles will also put you in a position for future thinking to see more opportunity rather than fear . When taking risk , you should always calculate how much you can afford to lose , that will put you in a position to handle the adversity that comes with risk .

You will control your success or failure . When you master risk .

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