Dont kill the goose

Ok may be i should say, work hard not to kill the goose . The first time i heard this phrase explained properly was in a seminar few years back , the speaker spent almost 2 hours talking how important taking care of our goose to our life . 

Taking care of your goose means taking care of yourself by taking time to recharge your battery . This philosophy will be very challenging if you are like me that always like to get things done .  It takes a lot of strength of will to put aside time especially in my schedule to do absolutely nothing . 

Even though i love what i do soo much , i realised that i cannot do it 24/7 . It will lead to burn out and loss of passion . 

What you do to renewal is an individual thing . I personally buy a lot dvd , wine and cook for family and friends . I also like to watch a lots of sports on T V . Anything that get me away from thinking will renew and recharge me spiritually and emotionally . 

In business and life its smart to create a golden moment for you and your family . There should be a family time and personal time , dont mix them together .  i created the habits of switching my phone off as from 6 pm , the remaining of the time before i go to bed at 10.30 pm is for the family and friends . 

Taking care of my goose has increased my energy flow, productivity , add to my income, make me a better person and a better listener most importantly creativity . 

Make sure you include this in your habits/ philosophy in planning your week . taking time off may very well be the best way to make it big even faster . 

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