Few tips to look and feel good – food involve

Food drives the hormones , because our bodies react with symptoms of contractions and acidity . such as constipations , fatique, headaches , or stomach upset . Its clearly impossible to feel good when you are suffering from this symptoms . Its also the main reason why people crave expansive foods like alcohol, and sweets because the bodies is trying to get back to balance .

I realised this as a major problems why people dont feel or look good . not to talk of being productive . I also find out that cooking your own food will help you feel great . Its about creating the habits .

Do this first – Wake up 30 mins or an hour earlier to prepare your meal for the whole day . It might seems like a very big task in the beginning but as you keep on doing it, it becomes an habits . Its an an habits that will save you and your family health problems in future .

Most of the prepare food during lunch time are full of toxins and unhealthy mic-croorgarnism which preventing the food you eat from being properly absorbed . Disease originated in the intestines , your health start there as well . When wastes cannot be properly eliminated , it accumulates in the colon and then back to the liver and the kidney . Then you dont look good .

You can wear the most expensive make up in the world , if you dont eliminate , you wont feel good .

Eat smart at ”lunch can increase dopamine and serotonin levels to increase anabolic capacity which enables you to feel great all day . you will meet the rest of the day with enthusiasm and mental clarity

I know you might be thinking if im doing all this . Yes i am  it takes strength and will power to create the habits and thats why i feel good most of the time .  Remember all we are doing here is to create the habits .

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