Healthy sleep habits = Healthy weights

Starting a new habits is always a challenge especially when it comes to changing sleeping routines . It also require strength of will and discipline , that means you have to give up somethings to be able to go to bed on time . I liked to watch football, and sometimes the games on and on and this my discipline to test . Sometimes i failed sometimes im good .

Majority of the people  that comes to see me – my clients, are suffering from lack of sleep . Some of them blame it on their kids, partners or neighbours . Whatever your excuses are , and if you are looking for a way to trim your body fats , set your alarm clock . According to a recent research , consistent bed times and more important , wake up time have a bearing on body fat

If you are finding it difficult to go to bed early , you might have to consider changing your environment  to put you into a well relax sleeping mood . Make your environment  support your mood of going to sleep .

I started to turn my phone off every night around 6 pm . I created this time for family and friends to talk about things that doesnt require me to think . We tend to share jokes and laugh a lot around this time of the day which stimulate hormones for sleeping .

For you it might be playing with your kids, a glass of red wine which i recommend or a massage . So whatever work for you , find a ritual and stick to it .

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