Bending and twisting in fitness industry

This blog post is more related to fitness pros , but it can be apply to all other ares of life . I remember as a kid , we’ve been taught to be nice and meet people where they are . In my experience , this approach is very tiring and wrong . This approach never seems to work because the people you are bending for never improve .

Fitness is about helping people  to improves the quality of their lives , to make smarter decision for family .  Fitness is about being in a very good frame of mind . If you are a fitness pros, for clients to get better or improve bending does not work .

As a fitness pros, you must know when to bend or twist – personally i prefer to make myself clear in the beginning so that the clients will know what they have to do to get what they want . You know getting people in shape is a challenge they have to meet and money alone is never enough .

Its very challenging to be a good trainer/coach , because i recognised this i made it permanently to use trusting mindset approach so i dont bend . You must be able to recognise and understanding where people are coming from in order to help them – you can spot the challenges and point it to them but dont twist nor bending .

Another things is some clients have this altitude of get in and get out , which has its place sometimes , you get this altitude from middle age fat executive who hire an average gym trainer to count repetition and make them sweat . This altitude is not only medriocry , its not mind oriented .

Getting ahead in the fitness industry is a game of being secure and confident with high energy , passion and enthusiasm . this produces result . Bending to suit your clients might stop the clients from achieving their result .

Stick yo your guns – Its important  you understand and identify your authentic .

The biggest problem with this approach is also the fact that you tend to attract people you will be bending for and the result will be pain , resentful and fatigue .

Dont bend, stick to your principles , work on your skill  and you will attract better people .

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