Testosterone and loss of erection in men

This blog is coming from a woman yes , its based on observation and experience with the mens i know .in my training business , a lot of men confided in me regarding this issue . I mean which men doesnt want power strength , energy and better erections ? so the question is why is the decline in circulation.

It makes sense and we are all aware that testosterone decline by onset of a stressor . In the male, the brain releases LHRH – luteinizing hormone releasing hormones and FSH – follicle – stimulating hormone ,  then LH in turn stimulates the test to release testosterone .

With the onset of a stressor , the whole system is affected then the LHRH concentrations decline Now you can see why a lot of men are short in erections .  Poor nutritions is affected by  all this hormones .

If a male goes through surgery , within seconds of the first slice of scapel through his skin, the testosterone begin to shut down . Injury , illness, starvation , surgery – all of those drive down testosterone level .

A lot of men like to be powerful and strong , which is great but the wrong approach to life is killing the hormones that bring power into men .

Men who do extreme of exercise , such as pro football players and runners who covers more that 40 t0 50 miles a week has less LHRH, LH , and testosterone circulations in their body.

The simple cure

Heavy lifting – 30 t0 40 mins high intensity well programmed exercise routine will put your body in anabolic and stimulate erections .

Sleeping – Sleep in a cold dark room . and eat anabolic food before going to bed  such as Almonds , a glass of red wine if you drink . Avoid sugar at all cost .

Hug your wife . if you dont have one, smile and go to bed .


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