My grocery lists and how i fix the flu

i havent been to the doctors in about 12 years , apart from a 2 times yearly visit to the dentist . its normal we all get down from cold /flu or fatique . At the start of this year i suffered from a massive cold, chest infections and a bit of fever . I did not go to the doctor and it took about 6 days before my body restore to normal .

The point of this story is to let you be aware that we are in a culture of bad and toxic food , which all boiled down to your grocery lists .

Every friday i go to whole foods market and purchased  the following –

3 boxes of fiji water , organic coffee beans , Fresh gykoru japanese tea, brown rice, organic qunioa, sweet potatoes , organic oats , . those are for my complex carbohydrates

For fruits – organic apples, organic blueberries , pears, etc

For protein , – wild seabass  wild cod, sirloin steak , ribeye steak . i eat steak twice a week and my favourites is lamb . chicken , turkey , and sometimes some sea food

For nuts – i stick with almonds, sunflower seeds , pumpkin seeds or walnuts .

Most of these food has help me in dealing with daily stress , performance and productivity . As you can see, no diary, no sugar, nothing process . if im eating out, i choose plain fish , mineral water a glass of red wine .

Eating this way has been a major breakthrough especially in the western cultures of bad foods . it also contributed to dramatically boost immune system , reduce inflammation and support release of toxic chemicals from our body

I have this philosophies  that says , if you eat well , you will live and earn well . so keep at it .

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