Nutrition, Life style , and exercises

These 3 strategies will save your life, make you a better person . Human beings are in pain because of the food they put in their body up to this point and researched based , there is a high connection between food, sleep and human performance .

Im aware you ve heard the word inflammatory from your doctors , sometimes i feel as if im the only person willing to help people to attack their nutrition in order to attack their life . So back to inflammatory , this is caused by our stressful life, work enviroment you dont like , shitty boss, annoying wife  and husband .

I know a lot of people who love to live in denial as if all these are not existing they tend to use exercises to fill the void . these are the regular gym junkies who has been going to the gym for years but no changes in appearance or mindset ,  scary stuff .

In my experience,  people will pay a lot  for  exercises, spend money on very expensive bags, shoes, clothes but go for a bargain when it comes to food .

Proper nutrition is an indication of respect for your body . if you respect yourself and body, you will treat it well . You can hire the best trainer in the world , the answer is your personal approach to your life style , habits and altitude . You can never out train a bad diet .

You are literally what you eat . How you feel and how youre doing is based largely on what you eat throughout the day . Your body is literally made up of the foods you consume , so if you are consistently downing your body with caffeinated beverages and starchy carbohydrates then you can expect to see your pants size grow and energy level drops .

On the other hand , if you are eating lively foods like vegetables berries, nuts, good fats, beans and lean protein , you” look and feel amazing .

My mission is to help people transformed physical and financial changes through proper application of exercises and nutrition habits .

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