The concept of movement base approach

There is no one size fits all when it comes to movement , human performance and range of motions . The issue is the majority of the populations are dysfunction and people need to go to a safe plan to take responsibility of their own dysfunctions . And that safe plan start with breathing , positions, and movement

Good movement enhance the body to perform well in a day to day activities . A chiropractor , orthopedist , osteopath, massage therapist cannot solve all the problems in your body .  A lot of people comes to me with a dysfunction body and when i asked them what they ve done to alleviate this problem , guess what it always ive been to the doctor

Taking care of your movement is your personal responsibility , if you are lucky  with a good strength coach who might be a genius when it comes to teaching perfect movement, but that is only one variable in the equation.

Another reason for prioritizing movement and motor control is that they dictate and guide your mobility program . Movement is a foundation of life , nobody function with a compressed body and if move well, you will be stronger attractive , energise and confidence .

Talk to your coach/ trainer how you can improve your movement before exercise program.

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