The benefits of salt bath, de loading and training harder

The concept of de- loading is not something that majority of fitness junkie are aware of . I came across this concept about 4 years ago from eric cressy , since then ive been hooked . De loading means to back off heavy training or any spine loaded exercises , like squats dead lifts etc . These type of exercises are the main deal when it comes to fitness .

Its essential for recovery, training harder becoming better and avoiding repetitive pattern and to become more alive . Anytime i take time off to de-load , i feel like im in heaven .

One of my main focus when designing a program for my clients is to make sure that they do not overtrain their body    . A lot of people think in terms of more when it comes to exercises , but more is not always better. Better is better .

SALT BATH – This is gold when you want to speed up your recovery like i always want to . Ive recently being experimenting with ice bath , salt bath therapy , it works like magic .

Salt bath improve mental alertness , and proper blood circulations . It also lighting up the amount of tensions , when you feel beat up, stiff and sore from training .

These strategy will keep you healthier, smarter looking good and happier . Make sure you include this strategy into your life to become better .

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