Alcohol, food , and longevity

Its always good to take a greater look on why we eat, drink and our health . It suddenly occur to me recently that people think they can eat loads of rubbish, refined sugar , then train . no wonder the majority of populations are always chasing physical appearances

Dont get me wrong , physical appearances is the fundamental of most things . some people will only associate with someones that looks good . it isnt just about creating physical changes but emotional ones as well .

Ive been researching a lot about why people get drunk, eat too much then turn up in training . That means people are emotional disturbed . Achieving clarity on the role of health and fitness was the single biggest hurdle of my coaching/training career .

The question  here is to find a clarity for yourself,  sometimes i asked my clients to text their emotional level, why are they training ? When you keep mixing up health and fitness, you find the two often run into each other down the road .

For me going strong means setting the bar higher in life . to be creative, financially and physical freedom . there is nothing interesting in life of poor and bad health . Exercising improve lives and mind . Beauty and health are all connected .

Keep in mind that health, beauty , longevity are different than just loosing your midsection or running like a mad dog all the time . Its when people mix up this two that the real issues appear

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