4 Layers of beauty

In my personal view and after 8 years of coaching / training people to get in shape , we all have one thing in common , our body . So our body is like a house we lived in and it must be kept well before we can be happy or beautiful .

My main purpose of writing this blog is to share my experience and ideas , since i always have an idea , on a topic that i find fascinating the topic of beauty and everything that comes with it .

Since the beginning of humanity, weve looked for frontiers and everyone is acting out of his or her own self interest – according to a book by James Altucher . Choose yourself . There is nothing wrong with that, before you can do that you need to build a house you will live in .

You build that house by laying a solid rock foundation ;by building physical , emotional, mental, and spiritual health . This is only way you can be beautiful , strong and successful . If you come across any other way im open .

These are my definition of beauty ,. these 4 layer must work together . Can beauty be found in a body that cant digest its food ?  Can beauty be found in a body constrained by psychological issue ?   Can beauty or health be found in a body riddle by muscular imbalance ?

These are the honest questions we all need to answer . Everything begin with by being honest with ourselves . Europeans / westerners spend millions on beauty products / supplement but they ignore the roots and the cause of uglyness.

I always think every human s are beautiful when all these 4 layers are working together .

Physical – this can be built by a simple approach to exercises . You can start with a walk .

Emotional – This can be attained by learning how to choose things you can control

Mental – Mental strength comes from ability to deal with challenges and life is full of them . The physical strength will always be your foundation when it comes to mental health

Spiritual – Spiritual people hate the word success . Dont worry about satisfying anybody else pre- conceived notion of what spirituality is . some people say you have to meditate . You turn your head upside down . Many BS about that .

All you have to do is stay in the present . dont live in the past or the future . Live in the now at least thats spiritual .

Anyway those are my thought on beauty , since im in a job of making people strong and beautiful , and me be beautiful myself let me know if you have a different view on the word beauty .

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