What To Do About Rejections

Being  rejected is the word most people fear most . weve been told several times that being rejected means we are not good enough which is actually true depends on how we see it . Rejection can be a very good thing its simply means you have to improve .

Rejection can make you better . fear of rejection could also be a sign of low self esteem . I used to have a friend who says she will rather die than to ask for a favour . Some people think that asking and getting rejected will make them less valuable .

Ive been rejected many times  in my life . I remember long time ago when i wanted to represent my country , i wasnt selected in the first attempt or when i was applying for a scholarship to go to university

I wasnt good enough . There were many areas i needed to improve before i finally got accepted .

EXPAND YOUR CHOICES AND DECISION MAKERS – I wanted to coach/ train specific type of people in my training business , I had to improve my craft to be able to meet the demand of these type of clients . Either you want a raise from your boss, or applying to get a loan you can always improve to meet up with the demand of what you are looking for . This  improve your creative power as well .

IMPROVE YOUR AUTHENTICITY – This is really important and now there is a social media platform where you can be individual and offering your services/ building value among the people who want what you have to offer .

ASK FOR ADVICE – The best place to ask for advice is from where you ve been rejected ., ask why . You are going to be rejected all your life . In every way . It never hurts to understand why and they will tell you .

Personally , im a kind of a person that burns many bridges , so im getting used to being rejected and im making me a better person .

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